Covid 19

Standard Operating Procedures.


1. All attending players must pre-book on line.
2. All attending players must complete the C19 symptoms declaration (in the stepped booking in process) in order to book.
Entry to site and movement within the safe Zone
1. All persons entering the site will need to confirm they can answer no to all 7 questions within the C19 symptoms declaration.

2. All persons entering the site will be subject to a non-contact temperature check.
Amber and RED readings (38 Celsius and over) will result in the person/vehicle refused entrance.
2. All vehicles will be parked no less than 2m (6ft) from any other vehicle.

3. All persons will abide by the guidance on 2m social distancing at all times within the safe zone areas inside and outside.
4. All persons will don face coverings when entering the safe zone building.

5. All persons will wash hands using the alcohol gel stations:

A) before entering the safe zone building.

B) before entering the toilets.

C) When leaving the toilet.

Game Area


1) All players will don a face covering when entering any in game building.

2) All players will not remove their face covering whilst in a building.

3) All players will abide where possible by the guidance on 2m social distancing  whilst in game play (in or out of buildings)
4) medic rules will be in play where players can regen on a designated Marshal,(Players do not touch the Medic and regen occurs when 3m (9ft) from the Medic)

Hire Equipment
1. All hire equipment will be sprayed and disinfected prior to issue.

Risk assessments including Specific C19 risk assessments will be available to view on site